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25/11/2020 – PKvitality wins the 12th edition of the Healthcare Innovation World Cup. (Download EN / FR)

02/07/2020 – PKvitality is the first company co-accelerated by Dassault Systèmes and Sanofi. (Download EN)

12/06/2020 – PKvitality selected to participate to Next Business France program. (Download FR)

03/01/2020 – PKvitality announces the signature of a key partnership with Beurer Gmbh. (Download EN / FR)

05/12/2019 – PKvitality wins EIT European Health Catapult in Medtech category. (Download EN)

27/11/2019 – PKvitality joins Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Lab partnership program. (Download EN, Dassault Systèmes PR here)

25/11/2019 – PKvitality adds a great team of advisors (Download EN)

27/11/2018 – K’Watch Glucose, World First CGM Smartwatch (Download EN/FR)

28/06/2018 – K’Watch Glucose wins Seal of Excellence from European Commision (Download EN)

30/05/2018 – PKvitality brings new progress at Vivatech (Download EN)

04/12/2017 – PKvitality: winner of the CIN (Digital Innovation Contest) (Download EN)

12/09/2017 – PKvitality closed its crowdfunding campaign with success (Download EN)

19/07/2017 – PKvitality selected as one of 2 French MedTechs in semi final of EIT Health Catapult contest (Download EN)

05/07/2017 – PKvitality: Winner of H2020 “SME Instrument” Phase 1 (Download EN)

08/06/2017 – PKvitality, Winner of the Best of Innovation Award at CES 2017, Opens to Investors (Download EN)

03/01/2017 – PKvitality launches K’Watch, a new generation of wearables able to monitor glucose and physiological markers painlessly without taking blood (Download EN / FR)

03/01/2017 – PKvitality unveils K’Watch Glucose, a wearable biosensor that tracks glucose without pain or the need to take any blood (Download EN)

03/01/2017 – PKvitality unveils K’Watch Athlete, the worlds first real-time lactic acid monitor (Download EN)

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K’Watch Athlete

K’Watch Glucose

They talk about us

05/05/2020 – INPI (FR)Rapport Annuel 2019 (PKvitality page 49)

09/01/2020 – B4B Wirtschaftsleben Schwaben (DE)Beurer aus Ulm kooperiert mit französischem Start-Up

09/01/2020 – Italia Oggi (IT) L’orologio che misura la glicemia senza punture

09/11/2019 – Financial Times (UK) Smartwatches can ill-afford to skip a beat on health

15/10/2019 – Vacation Idea (US) The K’Watch Glucose from PKVitality

19/02/2019 – Insulin Nation (US) PKvitality CGM K’Watch is exciting

26/06/2018 – Courtage Collectives (FR) Une journée avec PKvitality

26/06/2018 – Positivr (FR) PKvitality, Une montre pour contrôler son diabète

30/05/2018 – Sparknews TV (FR) PKvitality brings new progress at Vivatech 2018

19/07/2017 – Gadget & Wearables (US) – K’Watch Glucose utilizing a revolutionary biosensor

10/02/2017 – L’embarqué (FR) – Quand le bracelet connecté devient auxiliaire de santé

05/01/2017 – Le Parisien (FR) – Cette montre va changer la vie des diabétiques

05/01/2017 – Le Figaro (FR) – Une montre connectée pour les diabétiques

04/01/2017 – USA Today (US) 28 of the coolest CES products 

03/01/2017 – Wearable Tech Insider (US) K’Watch Wristwear Monitors Glucose Without Blood Stick