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10/08/2018 –  PKvitality General manager presented the whole team’s daily work on the Magazine d’informations professionnelles de la marque Gan Eurocourtage (Download FR)

07/07/2017 – The first connected bracelet for painless glucose monitoring is now available for pre-order starting at 99,90€ / $99,90(Download EN / FR)

08/06/2017 –  Today PKvitality announces a Crowdfunding Equity campaign to accelerate the development and sale of K’Watch Glucose, the glucose tracker created to enhance the daily life of more than 400 millions diabetics in the world (Download EN / FR)

03/01/2017 – PKvitality launches K’Watch, a new generation of wearables able to monitor glucose and physiological markers painlessly without taking blood (Download EN / FR)

03/01/2017 – PKvitality unveils K’Watch Glucose, a wearable biosensor that tracks glucose without pain or the need to take any blood (Download EN)

03/01/2017 – PKvitality unveils K’Watch Athlete, the worlds first real-time lactic acid monitor (Download EN)


K’Watch Athlete

K’Watch Glucose


19/07/2017 – Gadget & Wearables – K’Watch Glucose utilizing a revolutionary biosensor

05/01/2017 – Le Parisien – Cette montre va changer la vie des diabétiques

05/01/2017 – Le Figaro – Une montre connectée pour les diabétiques

04/01/2017 – USA Today 28 of the coolest CES products 

03/01/2017 – Wearable Tech Insider K’Watch Wristwear Monitors Glucose Without Blood Stick