K'Watch Athlète

K’Watch Athlete
Continuous Lactate Monitoring

Monitor your lactate level in real-time without pricking your finger.

No pain, Just gain

K’Watch Athlete is the world’s first real-time lactate monitor designed to allow athletes and trainers to significantly improve training and performance while reducing the risk of injuries. All in a sleek, high-quality wearable that can be worn as an armband or watch.

Lactate, the ultimate body parameter

Lactic acid is a key performance indicator for the body and a guide to how well muscles react to long term exertion and recovery. By understanding optimal levels of lactic acid or the “Lactate Threshold,” endurance athletes as well as explosive sports athletes and their trainers can optimize training schedules, recovery patterns, and ultimately, performance.

Boost your performance

Day after day, your body improves and your lactate threshold varies, following intensive training sessions. With K’Watch Athlete, you are able to determine your current physical limits, adjust your approach, and push your body to ensure that you are making the most of your training sessions.

Extreme accuracy

The lactic tests currently available require cumbersome blood samples that cannot be performed during activity, resulting in the approximation of thresholds based on running pace, heart rate or breathlessness. With K’Watch Athlete, it will be possible to measure this crucial indicator in real-time, with a sleek wearable device. K’Watch Athlete turns the efficient planning of training and recovery sessions into an exact science.

Don’t stop

K’Watch Athlete can be worn as a sleek designed armband or on your wrist. It measures your lactic acid level in real time. Whether you practice endurance or explosive sports, you don’t have to stop exercising or training to check your levels.

All sports

From trail to 400m, from cycling to interval training at the gym, all athletes produce lactic acid. Endurance athletes will benefit from checking their ability to degrade lactic acid over a long period of time and will be very careful about recovery between 2 training sessions. Explosive athletes will benefit the most from exercising just at the right intensity, enough to improve, but not enough to cause injuries and exhaustion.


How does it work ? K’Watch Athlete is equipped with K’apsul, utilizing a revolutionary biosensor which, when in contact with the skin, tests lactate levels without a blood sample. Virtually imperceptible and totally painless, K’apsul can take unlimited measurements within a 30-day period and display results on the K’Watch screen as well as syncing to the iOS or Android app.

Data history

Once the session is over, users can sync K’Watch Athlete to its app in order to analyze performance and cross reference results with other training indicators. Users can also track measurements over time, share them with a professional trainer, estimate optimal exertion levels, and maximize performance.

About lactate threshold

The lactate threshold is the point at which lactate begins to accumulate in the blood at a faster rate than it can be removed. By ensuring that exercise intensity is at or below this level, athletes can sustain performance with lower levels of fatigue for longer periods. Each endurance activity has a different ideal threshold range and every individual will be different. Lactate threshold is important for endurance and sports with explosive activity such as long-distance running, rowing, cycling, swimming, triathlons, and obstacle races as well as any sports at the professional level.

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