PKvitality adds an advisory board


We have added a great team of advisors to help us in our mission to change the lives of millions of diabetics all over the world.

The advisory board consists of John Brooks, the creator of a tubeless insulin pump, Marco Bühler, the managing director of Beurer Gmbh and Chairman of the board of Beurer Foundation, and Alexandre Richard, the director of corporate M&A at Sanofi.

John Brooks was the co-founder of Insulet, the company behind Omnipod, a tubeless insulin pump system and currently, one of the largest Insulin pump vendors in the world. He is also the former President and Chief Executive Officer of the Joslin Diabetes Center, which is the world’s largest diabetes research center, diabetes clinic, and provider of diabetes education.
Marco Bühler is the Managing Director of Beurer Gmbh, one of the top 3 distributors of Blood Glucose meters in Germany, Austria and Italy.
Beurer is one of the leading investors in PKvitality, with €2.25M invested in Series A.
Alexandre Richard is the director of Corporate M&A at Sanofi, a world leader in diabetes management. A seasoned M&A professional who has led numerous large transaction projects as well as small biotech acquisitions and structured deals, his knowledge of the funding ecosystem, strategic mindset and experience in value creation will be of great importance in shaping the future of our company.

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