PKvitality closes its Seed fundraising tour with a total of €3,4m



PKvitality has concluded its Seed fundraising tour with a total of €3.465k funding. The tour lasted from October 2019 to May 2020. €765k have been raised from Business Angels and €2.700k have been invested by Beurer GmbH and its Managing Director, Marco Bülher. 

Beurer GmbH, created in 1919, employs more than 900 staff and manufactures and commercialises more than 500 products in Europe, US and Asia. It is one of the major distributors of Blood Glucose Meters in Germany, Italy and Austria. Beurer GmbH and its Managing Director Marco Bülher had first invested €2.250k in October 2019 (see press release) and invested again €550k in May 2020 to support the project. 


Luc Piérart, CEO of PKvitality, stated: “We are very pleased with our recent progress and with the interest we have raised with the financial and medical community. This funding will allow us to deliver on a critical milestone: the first-in-man study.” 

Marco Bülher, Managing Director of Beurer GmbH, stated: “We are very happy with the progress made by PKvitality, despite the recent period of operational disruption. We are very confident that this concept will be commercially very successful.


Further to the recent milestones where PKvitality delivered on a functional K’Watch, this funding round will enable the company to deliver on its First In Man studies. This study will confirm the precision and patient-friendly experience of using K’Watch Glucose. 


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