Laureate of the highly selective EIC Accelerator program


European Union

PKvitality is laureate of the EIC Accelerator program.

EIC Accelerator is a public programme of the European Union that finances innovation in small enterprises (SMEs). The aim is to support market-creating companies with considerable growth potential and ambition. 

The contest is highly selective, only 72 SMEs have been funded over the 2824 eligible applications (2,7% success rate). The project was evaluated by experts based on three criteria: the impact of the solution presented, the excellence of the innovation and its quality and efficiency of implementation. 

PKvitality has received a €2.289k grant from EIC Accelerator. This funding will support the development of K’Watch Glucose, the Continuous Glucose Monitoring device in the form of a smartwatch. 

“We are proud to have been laureate of the EIC Accelerator, a competition of excellence that confirms the team expertise. This grant will greatly accelerate the development of K’Watch and provide the best conditions for optimal results during clinical trials” said Luc Piérart, CEO of PKvitality.


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