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NotebookCheck - EN

August 23, 2022

"PKvitality, the company behind the development of the K’Watch Glucose blood sugar monitor, has published the results of a recent clinical trial."



August 23, 2022

"PKvitality sets 2024 target for glucose monitoring K’Watch"


COWORK La Radio - FR

May 20, 2022

"Minh Le, directeur général, nous présente cette montre, la K'Watch Glucose, véritable révolution pour les patients diabétiques."


Futura Tech - FR

February 7, 2022

"La start-up française PKvitality a mis au point une montre connectée permettant de suivre son taux de glucose sans dispositif invasif."


Smarthealth - FR

January 13, 2022

"PKvitality invente la première montre connectée au monde pour prendre sa glycémie sans se piquer."

Diabète infos - FR

November 23, 2021

"PKvitality annonce le démarrage d’une étude clinique pour déterminer la précision de K’Watch Glucose"
Wearable Technologies

Wearable Technologies - EN

June 11, 2021

"PKvitality won the 12th edition of the Healthcare Innovation World Cup(...)"
Conseil sante

Conseil Santé - FR

February 14, 2020
"PKvitality, (...) vient de lever 2,25 millions d'euros..."

EU-Startups - EN

February 9, 2020
"Paris-based PKvitality snaps up €2.25 million..."


May 29, 2019
"(...) une vraie révolution pour les patients diabétiques."
Insulin Nation

Insulin Nation - EN

February 19, 2019
"(...) K’Watch is Exciting."

Medium - EN

January 31, 2019
"PKvitality succeeded in measuring glucose chemically in the interstitial fluid(...)"

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26/07/2022 – PKvitality announces the results of its 3rd clinical trial on humans(Download EN / FR)

30/06/2022 – French medtech PKvitality joins Safran and Airbus among the top patent filers in 2021 (Download EN / FR)

16/05/2022 – PKvitality Joins Future4care, Europe’s Largest eHealth Accelerator (Download EN / FR )

05/05/2022 – PKvitality Finalised Its €6m Series A With a Significant Investment From EIC Fund (Download EN )

19/04/2022 – PKvitality to Announce First-In-Human Clinical Results at the 15th ATTD Conference. (Download EN / FR)

23/11/2021 – PKvitality announces the start of its First-in-Human clinical trial for K'Watch Glucose, the world's first Continuous Glucose Monitoring smartwatch. (Download EN / FR)

28/04/2021 – The world ́s TOP5 Wearable Innovators 2021 and EBV IOT HERO 2021 of the Healthcare Innovation World Cup. (Download EN)

25/11/2020 – PKvitality wins the 12th edition of the Healthcare Innovation World Cup. (Download EN / FR)

10/09/2020 – PKvitality is a laureate of the highly selective EIC Accelerator concours. (Download EN / FR)

02/09/2020 – PKvitality is laureate of the Innov'Up Leader PIA and the Eurostars programs. (Download EN / FR)

10/06/2020 – PKvitality closes its Seed fundraising tour with a total of €3,4m. (Download EN / FR)

02/07/2020 – PKvitality is the first company co-accelerated by Dassault Systèmes and Sanofi.
(Download EN)

12/06/2020 – PKvitality selected to participate to Next Business France program. (Download

03/01/2020 – PKvitality announces the signature of a key partnership with Beurer Gmbh.
(Download EN / FR)

05/12/2019 – PKvitality wins EIT European Health Catapult in Medtech category. (Download EN)

27/11/2019 – PKvitality joins Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Lab partnership program.
(Download EN,
Dassault Systèmes PR here)

25/11/2019 – PKvitality adds a great team of advisors (Download EN)

27/11/2018 – K’Watch Glucose, World First CGM Smartwatch (Download EN/FR)

28/06/2018 – K’Watch Glucose wins Seal of Excellence from European Commision (Download EN)

30/05/2018 – PKvitality brings new progress at Vivatech (Download EN)

04/12/2017 – PKvitality: winner of the CIN (Digital Innovation Contest) (Download EN)

12/09/2017 – PKvitality closed its crowdfunding campaign with success (Download EN)

19/07/2017 – PKvitality selected as one of 2 French MedTechs in semi final of EIT Health Catapult contest (Download EN)

05/07/2017 – PKvitality: Winner of H2020 “SME Instrument” Phase 1 (Download EN)

08/06/2017 – PKvitality, Winner of the Best of Innovation Award at CES 2017, Opens to Investors (Download EN)

03/01/2017 – PKvitality launches K’Watch, a new generation of wearables able to monitor glucose and physiological markers painlessly without taking blood (Download EN / FR)

03/01/2017 – PKvitality unveils K’Watch Glucose, a wearable biosensor that tracks glucose without pain or the need to take any blood (Download EN)

03/01/2017 – PKvitality unveils K’Watch Athlete, the worlds first real-time lactic acid monitor (Download EN)

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