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K’Watch Glucose is the first wearable tracker that measures your glucose effortlessly, painlessly and in seconds. K’Watch allows diabetics to self-monitor their glucose levels without the need for cumbersome and painful blood-based tests. K’Watch Glucose requires no calibration, just a simple press gesture on the watch to displays the glucose level.


How does it work ? K’Watch Glucose is equipped with K’apsul®, utilizing a revolutionary biosensor which, in contact with the skin, tests glucose levels without any blood sample. Quite imperceptible and totally painless, K’apsul can take unlimited measurements within a 30 day period with results being displayed on the K’Watch screen as well as synced to its dedicated app.



No bulky material, K’Watch Glucose can be discreetly worn all day long and in all conditions. Monitoring your blood glucose in every social setting like work becomes possible, as well as during sport and exercise when glucose levels are prone to spike. K’Watch Glucose can also track steps taken, distance traveled and calories burnt.


K’Watch Glucose makes diabetics life easier. In order to better monitor their health, users can connect K’Watch Glucose with its dedicated iOS and Android app to show a complete data history over time and share those results with a relative or a professional. K’Watch can also send alerts to remind users to check their glucose level.



Diabetes is characterized by chronic hyperglycaemia, that is, an excess of sugar in the blood. With 415M of people affected, 1 in 11 worldwide, diabetes is progressing rapidly. It is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, lower limb amputation and 1.5 million deaths per year.

Despite these risks, studies show that 80% of people on treatment do not monitor their diabetes enough and do not measure their blood glucose levels as many times as necessary, that is to say between four and ten times a day. Pain, Cumbersome, lack of time, difficulties of understanding are as much brake to a good monitoring of the blood sugar.