INPI 2021 Awards : PKvitality in the spotlight


Each year, the INPI publishes the ranking of the main patent applicants, a ranking that highlights the companies that invest in innovation. And for the first year, we are included in this ranking in the SME category. While we are less than 40, we are ranked 10th in France in a ranking where companies can have up to 500 employees.

At the crossroads of medical devices and consumer electronics, K’Watch Glucose has already been the subject of 39 patent applications, all innovations that will make life easier for diabetic patients.

According to Luc Pierart, founder of PKvitality, “Our ambition is to offer diabetics a technological innovation that accompanies them in their daily life. Despite the challenges, nothing is impossible! We are developing a reliable, discreet and painless product, which is at the crossroads of medtech and consumer electronics. Such an innovation must be protected in an extremely competitive world, which is why we have filed 39 patents to protect our concept with the INPI and the EPO” (European Patent Office). We hope that K’Watch will change the daily lives of millions of diabetics!

K’Watch is currently undergoing a clinical trial at the AMCR Institute, a clinical research center specialized in diabetes and obesity. In addition, PKvitality has also joined the largest e-health gas pedal in Europe, Future4Care. Finally, a Wiseed crowdfunding campaign is underway. If you want to participate click here or contact us at

The full press release from INPI is available here

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