K’Watch now a Continuous Glucose Monitoring device


K'Watch glucose

K’Watch will be able to measure the glucose (and Lactate for the Athlete version) in continuous mode. K’Watch can now be considered as a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) device.
This decision has been possible thanks to all the remarks you made, by email or while visiting our stands at CES, Vivatech, or other tradeshows.
There are a few other changes you may want to discover on our updated web page www.pkvitality.com.

Availability shift

As a consequence of this change, and also because developing such a product is complicated, the targeted product availability has shifted. We now plan to enter the European market and the Middle East in 2021 followed by a North American launch. Other regions won’t be forgotten but we cannot be more precise at this stage due to local regulations.
Why so long? We are now in the pre-clinical stage with excellent accuracy results, but we still need to finalize some aspects of the technology, pass the clinical trials and then file for local approval (CE mark, FDA…).
We understand that some of you may be frustrated by that shift. Rest assured that we are doing our best to bring K’Watch to market as quickly as possible with quality in mind.

K’apsul lifetime & price

The other impact of the move to CGM is that K’apsul, the consumable at the back of the K’Watch, will have a lifetime of 7 days instead of 1 month.

The price of individual K’apsul will be reduced so as to have a monthly cost unchanged.

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