PKvitality launches its participative financing campaign on WiSEED




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We have just opened our crowdfunding campaign on WiSEED, the leading French platform for participatory financing! The funds will be used to accelerate the clinical development of K’Watch Glucose, the first Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor (CGM) in the form of a smartwatch that will change the daily life of millions of diabetic patients. We encourage you all to discover our WiSEED page, to invest or to share with your network!

WiSEED is the reference crowdfunding actor in France. Since its creation in 2008, WiSEED has raised €350M for nearly 776 projects from more than 183,000 members of its community.

PKvitality has already raised more than €18 million in funding, two thirds of which in shares, supported by business angels, private investors including Beurer, a German industrialist specializing in blood glucose measurement, and public authorities (Region, Bpifrance and Europe).

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