PKvitality enters into a key partnership with Beurer Gmbh

By Prakhar, January 03, 2020


We have entered into a key partnership with Beurer Gmbh, one of the top 3 distributors of Blood Glucose meters in Germany, Austria and Italy.

After an extensive due diligence, Beurer decided to invest 2m€ (out of a global investment of 2.25m€) to help further develop the K’Watch and begin human clinical trials. They have acquired exclusive commercialisation rights in Germany, Austria and Italy.

Patient friendly and cost effective, Beurer believes that K’Watch will become a leading product to measure blood glucose level in real time.


According to Marco Bühler, Managing Director of Beurer Gmbh, ” PKvitality has one of the strongest teams and technology portfolio in the area of future Glucose monitoring applied to Continuous Glucose Monitoring. The concept of realizing a CGM in a smartwatch which is basically painfree and non-stigmatizing in combination with a much more cost-efficient sensor patch is convincing. We are looking forward to launching the K’Watch in our key territories, and are convinced that this patient friendly and cost effective device will meet a large success”


If you are interested in investing in PKvitality, you can meet us at the Biotech and Medtech showcase, a satellite event to JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, from 13th to 15th January 2020 in San Francisco, California, or send enquiries to

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