Scientific Committee

Supported by renowned specialists in the fields of micro needles, chemistry, micro fluids, medicine and diabetology, K’Watch will revolutionize the lives of diabetics.

The Scientific Committee is composed of : 

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Julian Shapley


Founder of Cellnovo, ex-NASA, PhD in microneedles

«K’Watch is potentially a huge advance in the self-monitoring of blood glucose and other diagnostic markers, removing the need for painful finger stick measurements. PKvitality are designing exciting desirable wearable products incorporating advanced technologies in a user-friendly manner. I am very excited and motivated to be a part of this.»

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Tom Bishop


VP CTO of Echo, 30 years in MedTech

«PKvitality has assembled a highly accomplished team of engineers and scientists that are collaborating to create a revolutionary, wearable glucose monitor. This high tech device will be a game-changer for diabetics by greatly simplifying the process of checking their glucose levels.»

Remy Leroy


Head of Diabetology in Hospital LL Lille

«In the jungle of “technologies and innovations in diabetes”, the K’Watch project stands out of the crowd because of its seriousness. It can radically change how to monitor the glucose level and improve the quality of life of the diabetic patient.»