Change the lives of millions of diabetics & improve healthcare worldwide

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Help us change the world

Thank you for visiting PKvitality’s pre-order & invest page. K’Watch is one of the biggest innovations in the medtech world. It will be the first watch with the ability to track biomarkers such as glucose or lactate without requiring a blood sample – effortlessly and painlessly.

K’Watch Glucose

Our painless and blood-free glucose tracker Watch is a revolution for millions of diabetics throughout the world.

K’Watch Athlete

The lactate tracker Watch designed for athletes, is a revolutionary tracking your muscle activity and the impact of your training.


K’Watch Glucose and K’Watch Athlete are not yet available for sale. They need to be finalized for mass production and then submitted to and approved by local medical authorities.

Depending on the results of the fundraising and on how long it takes to obtain regulatory approval in Europe, the USA, and Canada, this process may not be completed before the end of 2018 (details on FAQ page).

This cannot happen without your help!

We are currently talking to professional investors, but if we do not manage to secure enough funds right now, this operation could take twice as long and delay the project by more than a year. This crowdfunding campaign is our own way of speeding up the process to make the launch happen as soon as possible.

Why should you fund us?

  • You, your family, or your friends may be affected by diabetes, just like 1 out of 11 people on this planet.
  • If you help us develop K’Watch Glucose, you will become personally involved in bringing great hope for making the lives of diabetics much easier, simpler and, safer.
  • You are interested in sports performance.
  • Like many athletes, sports trainers and other sports professionals people, you want to encourage innovation in athletic monitoring, in order to significantly improve results and reduce injuries.
  • By funding us, you will also send us a sign of encouragement and become our partner. Furthermore, we will give you priority for the beta tests and processes (see FAQ and pack description).

What people are saying

“This watch will change the lives of diabetics”
Le Parisien
“K’Watch, the revolutionary connected watch that ‘tastes‘ the skin”
La Tribune
“28 of the coolest CES products”
USA Today


At the CES of Las Vegas in 2017, K’Watch won

  • CES Best of Innovation Honoree in the Tech for A Better World category
  • CES Innovation Honoree in the Wearables category
  • CES Innovation Honoree in the Fitness, Sports and Biotech category

K’Watch has also won the STUFF Wearable Tech Award.

How can I become a funder?

If you are interested in participating, please choose one of the options.

As soon as we get your funding , you will receive a confirmation e-mail attesting that you are funding the K’Watch project.

After the operation, you will receive updates about our project through our newsletter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Your opinions and feedback are very important and useful to us.


By placing your order you agree to our Terms & Conditions, privacy and returns policies . You also consent to some of your data being stored by PKvitality, which may be used to make future shopping experiences better for you.

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