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PKvitality designs and develops K’Watch Glucose, a connected watch for people with diabetes, which allows them to measure their blood glucose in real time.

K’Watch is equipped with biosensors which, in contact with the skin, accurately measures the glucose level without any blood sampling nor pain.

Advantages :

  • K’Watch replaces the daily routine of diabetics who must prick their finger 4 to 10 times a day to check their blood glucose level, which is very painful and time consuming. With a simple press of a button on the watch, the sensors indicate a glucose level, in a painless and effortless way.
  • K’Watch allows fast and unlimited self-monitoring in only few seconds. The user can perform the test as many times per day as desired.
  • K’Watch replaces the usual bulky and stigmatizing tools for diabetic people. It measures the glucose level with discretion in all circumstances.

PKvitality also developed K’Watch Athlete, a connected armband for top athletes, using a similar technology to measure Lactate level, a key indicator of physical performance and muscular effort.

  • 2

    Patents pending
    Patents for K’apsul® and SkinTaste® technologies are currently being validated.

  • 6

    Innovation Awards
    3 CES innovation awards, 3 from tech magazines.

Key Indicators

  • 4

    Major B2B customers interested (world top1 in their channel, more than 40000 shops all together)
    Wallmart, Huawei, Walgreens and Medtronic.

  • 8400

    B2C subscribers since january
    Individuals who spontaneously susbscribed to website to be informed of the commercial launch (without any advertising campaign).

Value added

The solution developed by PKvitality is split into several components, each of which provides an advantage for the patient:

  • Pain relief: unlike the most widely used solutions (traditional Blood Glucose Control kits and Continuous Blood Glucose Meters), K’Watch Glucose does not require any blood sampling to give the user an accurate measurement of blood glucose levels. K’Watch is painless. PKvitality has developed a technology based on innovative micro-needles (1) and a micro-pump (2) to measure the glucose level in the interstitial fluid of the patient. This fluid is located above the nerves, allowing K’Watch to be completely painless.
  • All-in-one: K’Watch Glucose is an ergonomic all-in-one device with both a sensor (3) and a reader (4), unlike its competitors that are much more complicated to install on the body.
  • Simplicity: press a button, get the result … the simpliest way to measure your glucose.
  • A consumer product: K’Watch is not a medical product hidden under the skin or a  patch sticked on your skin. This is simply a watch and it is easy to wear.

Moreover, PKvitality collaborates with an accompanying committee of experts providing scientific and medical expertise, featuring professionals such as:

  • Jacques Fattaccioli (head of the micro-fluidic laboratory of ENS, CNRS): contributes his expertise on micro-fluidic technology;
  • Tom Bishop (ex VP CTO echo, glucometer): accompanies the company on the development of the glucose meter integrated into the watch;
  • Remy Leroy (diabetologist): provides medical support to the company.


Luc Pierart

Founder and Project Leader at Motorola (3 years), Development Manager at Alcatel-Lucent (8 years) and Business Developer at LaCie (5 years), L. Pierart founded PKparis in 2013 and PKvitality in 2017.

Minh Lê

Commercial and Marketing Director benefiting from his 20 years experience as Business Unit manager, Sales Director and Marketing Director (Alcatel, Withings, LaCie), M. Le co-founded Qivivo in 2014 and then joined PKvitality project.

Khalid Jarri

Technology Director with more than 20 years exprience as an Electronic Engineer at EADS, LaCie, Meffitt and Zodiac Aerospace, K. Jarri has joined PKvitality as CTO.

Value added

  • $ 178.3 billion

    Description of the market

    PKvitality focuses on the diabetes market, and more specifically the glucose monitoring market : 415M people (8% of worldwide population).

  • + 5%

    Growth Trends

    This growth of + 5% per year is mainly due to increase in obesity and excessive weight.

Competitive environment

In addition to these direct competitors, other innovative solutions – still at the concept stage – are emerging such as:

  • Connected lenses measuring glucose in tears (Novartis & Google);
  • Connected watches and patches detecting glucose levels in sweat (South Korean Research Institute).

Nevertheless, these solutions are still in the R & D stage and are not yet available on the market.

Business model

The business model will be based on two sources of income:

  • The sale of watches and armbands: the K’Watch Glucose and the K’Watch Athlete will be sold at a retail price of $149.90 and $199.90. The margin at this stage will be low in order to help people enter the market and test the product.
  • The sale of refills (the capsules are to be renewed monthly): the K’apsul® Glucose will be sold at $99.90 per month and the K’apsule Athlete at $149.90 per month. The margin of the refill is higher.

The company plans to market its products through different channels:

  • Autonomously, on the PKvitality e-commerce site;
  • Through distributors (commission between 20% and 55% depending on the dealer). Many major multinational brands spontaneously contacted us to show their interest for distributing K’Watch, among which multi-brand distributors (Walmart), suppliers of high-tech products (Huawei) and suppliers of medical equipment and drugs (Medtronic and Walgreens).


Top awards among which the 3 Innovation Awards at CES of Las Vegas 2017 :

  • Best of Innovation Award in the Tech for a Better World category
  • Innovation Award in the Wearable Tech category
  • Innovation Award in the Fitness & Health category

Over 150 press reviews published in media such as Le Monde, Le Figaro, La Tribune, USA Today, Stuff, Digital Trends, etc.

Besides the PKvitality project, the team has been running a company called PKparis. Since 2013, PKparis has been developing premium high-tech products sold online and via well known multi-brand distributors (FNAC, Amazon, Conran Shop, Lick, Boulanger …) and has doubled its turnover every year :

  • Leader of premium flash drives, such as the K’1 (the world’s smallest USB 3.0 flash drive), K’Lip, K’3, K’Ring and K’ablekey
  • Full wireless, waterproof and stand-alone earphones with a record of 5 hours continuous play – K’asq – on which the company has a patent

Growth and development

Growth Axes
The first R & D phase started in 2015 when PKvitality started to work with experts and doctors specialized in biochemistry and insulin dependence. PKvitality then developed a first functional but non-marketable prototype.

Therefore, the expected value of the company after the next fundraising in 2018 should be at least equal to 100 – 200M €. Thus, our shareholders could multiply their initial investment by at least 2 or 4 in 2018, or even by 20 in 2023!

Example :

  • 25k € in 2018 = 50-100k € in 2018 = 500k € in 2023

Today PKvitality aims to become a reference in medtech and more specifically in glucose monitoring.

Key stages of development

  • Connector.

    Finalization of the R & D phase and validation of patents (end of 2017)

    R&D includes 4 main elements: the interface of the watch (wristband and screen), the integrated sensor, the micro-pump and the micro-needles.

  • Connector.

    Industrialization of the manufacturing process

    Beginning in May 2018, production should start through partner factories in Asia (for the watch) and Europe (for the capsule).

  • Connector.

    Clinical studies

    Clinical trials are scheduled for 2018. European certifications are expected by the end of 2019 and US and Chinese certifications by 2020-2022.

  • Connector.


    A launch of the European market is scheduled in 2019, followed by a deployment in the United States and China, depending on the certification delays.

Investment in ORA with a 50% discount :

Our investors get bonds now and will be able to transform them in shares later with a 50% discount !
Today our investor can buy a PKvitality bond at the price of X$. Then by mid 2018-2019, PKvitality will hold a second fundraising with professional investment funds. Hence our investors will get twice more shares than professional funds, although they invested the exact same amount at the beginning. More details in pdf presentation.

Growth and development

Company name

Trade name

Legal form

Creteil – 0

Date of registration
May, 2017

Share capital

PK PARIS, a company with shareholders’ equity of 155.537,62€ registered in France.

The head office

14 Avenue de l’Opéra
75001 Paris

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Reminder of the risks involved

There are risks associated with share issues from start-ups and expanding small businesses. Only persons aware of these risks should consider this type of investment:

Risk of losing capital

The yield prospects of investments in shares in unlisted companies are the counterbalance to the high risk that all or some of the amount invested could be lost. Before investing, you must be sure that you have sufficient financial resources to bear the risk of losing the capital invested. You must only invest money that you do not need.

Risk of lack of liquidity

There is no guarantee of liquidity for share investments in unlisted companies, as shares sold by businesses raising capital in this way are not traded on a regulated or organised market. In addition, clauses stipulated in the company articles or elsewhere for transactions presented may entail potential restrictions on trading shares, and limit the possibilities as regards selling the Company’s shares. You must ensure that you can tie up the money invested over the long term, over an unpredictable timescale.

The rules of good asset management

Investing in innovative and expanding businesses can generate significant capital gains, but a few basic rules ought to be followed:

  • Never invest more than 5% to 10% of your wealth in unlisted small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups;
  • Diversify your investments in different companies, spread across different industries;
  • Never invest money that you might need in the short or medium term, because liquidity only occurs over the long term, with no guarantees as regards time frames;
  • Invest only in businesses where you understand the industry, the business model, financial aspects and how it operates.

Before buying any financial security, make sure you read and understand all the information about the transaction and the company, including the “Risk Factors” section of the information document available under the “Documents” tab on the company presentation page.

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PKvitality, a business unit of PK PARIS, a company with shareholders’ equity of € 155.537,62 registered in France under company number 792 663 114 RCS PARIS whose registered office registered office is at 14 avenue de l’Opéra, 75001 Paris, represented by its Chairman Luc PIERART”